Point of Sales (POS)

Fast & Effortless face-to-face payment processing

Payment Options' market-leading payment interfaces align with the global trend of integrated payment systems. Our virtual point-of-sale (POS) solution offers tremendous flexibility, making it ideal for any merchant.

Retailers and hoteliers can use the POS payment technology in any region of the world, enjoy the same operational efficiencies and offer similar customer-service features anywhere, in any currency.

Merchants have no need for additional software installations when they access the Payment Options' Payment Gateway.

Our reporting functions allow merchants to aptly manage transaction processing and measure bottom line growth.

Why choose Payment Options POS Solution:

Accept all major credit and debit cards

Increase your business sales by accepting multi-currency payment processing

Process transactions quickly and efficiently

Keep track of sales, inventory and customers

Innovative and user-friendly online payment portal by using laptops and smartphones as a virtual POS terminal

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