Direct Debit

Go Direct Debit for Fast, Fuss-free, Paperless Payments

Direct Debit payments help your customers pay directly from their bank account to yours.

With direct debits you obtain authorisation from your customers to debit their account, within agreed terms.

Direct debits are ideal for very large billers, but can be equally effective for smaller volumes as well. They are more likely to be accepted as a payment method by your customers where billing is regular.

Reduce your paper handling by setting up your business on our bill payment register or print your account number on your invoice.

Our client sends their customer an invoice, the money is directly transferred to their account via Internet or mobile banking. The merchant then receives the required customer and payment information on his statement to update his account receivables ledger.

Bill payments provide an efficient way for customers to pay from their accounts without having to write out a cheque or visit your place of business to pay in cash.

Simplest and most convenient way to pay and receive payments

Efficient and cost-reducing for businesses

Guaranteed and safest means to pay bills

Direct debit gives businesses more control

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