July 5, 2020

Chargeback vs. Refund: What’s the difference?

Most buyers don’t know the difference between chargeback and refund, and most of the time, they use them interchangeably. But there is a considerable difference between […]
June 25, 2020

Data Security and Protection of a Payment Gateway

The payment gateways have now become a massive industry for online retailers and manufacturers. Companies are looking for a secure, simple, and efficient way to transfer […]
June 17, 2020

Merchant Support. A Unique Challenge.

The merchant support team aims to enrich your merchant’s business as they believe that the success of your merchant is directly connected with your success. Merchant […]
June 13, 2020

Benefits of Online Payment for businesses in 2020

Introducing online payments for businesses has several advantages, but it is also considered hard to incorporate on a website. Most of the business owners take it […]
May 28, 2020

Payment Options fights against the Covid-19 by donating medical mask.

Helping out in the small ways will make an impact towards a better future, a healthier future. Payment Options’ CEO, Mr. Aaron Yip Kin Wai, distributed […]
May 19, 2020

Merchant Account Vs Processing Aggregators

Here’s the comparison Payment Options, as a merchant account provider, provides merchants with their own dedicated merchant account, a business bank account required for merchants to […]
May 7, 2020

Velocity Checks

With a dubious credit card, fraudsters usually target one merchant to max out the card until someone notices his activities. The resulting mess will have you […]
May 4, 2020

Brief Facts on Risk Management & Payment Fraud

Companies thаt handle a high volume of online payments face the risk of payment fraud. Many companies hаvе bееn forced tо bring new focus аnd drive […]
April 17, 2020

How fashion brands can optimise e-commerce operations during the Covid-19 lockdown

The impact Covid-19 is having on the global fashion industry is immense, with international lockdowns forcing physical retail stores to close and more shoppers to look […]
April 16, 2020

Here’s why every millennial entrepreneur should start an online e-commerce store.

As the baton of spending power is handed over to millennials, consumer demand for online goods continues to grow. Online shopping is extremely popular among today’s […]
October 30, 2017

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